Piano Tiles Cheats and Hacks

The newest craze in mobile gaming, named Piano Tiles (or “Don’t Tap the White Tile”) is causing a frenzy for many people across the internet. The goal of the game is simple: Press on the black tile sandwiched by white tiles as they descend on your phone’s screen. Touching on the white tiles, or missing to press the black tiles, ends your game.

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Sounds easy? Well, not so much. Just like similar-themed games like Flappy Bird and 2048, Piano Tiles is definitely much harder that what it says on the tin. Just ask the hackers who modded and bypassed their way to succeed in the game.

How To Hack Piano Tiles With IFile

A video that explains how to hack the game and get the highscore you want!

 All About Piano Tiles Cheats and Hacks

One of the most popular ways to get that dream high score without all the effort of pressing those white tiles for hours on end are home brew hacks. These became especially popular with the advent of mobile gaming, whose file sizes are relatively small, thus fewer data to digest and for the hackers to work their magic on.

This involves downloading a “hack file” and inserting it into your app’s folder location. Sometimes, these files are executable, meaning you have to activate them first before they work. Hack files can sometimes be downloaded from non-iStore or non-Play Store sources, like internet forums.


piano tiles cheatsWhile this article will not provide you with links to such sources, this article will try to remind you of how potentially dangerous this activity can be. Sure, it won’t kill any of your family members, but it could ruin your device on the long run if you don’t know how those hack files work.

Be especially wary of executable files, or those apps that you simply download and launch from your device. It can contain viruses that will hurt your phone big time.

If unsure on how a hack works, just don’t try it at all. Enjoy the game as it is. Hacking will merely take away all that fun in playing the game.

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