What’s your highscore?

piano tiles high scoreThe exciting new mobile game Piano Tiles on the iStore – “Don’t Tap the White Tile” on Android devices – is definitely making waves in the gaming scene as of late. And while many have already jumped on the bandwagon to reach their ultimate claim to leader boards fame, we may have a sobering news for you.

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Let’s set the record straight: the high scores you see in the overall leader boards of your beloved Piano Tiles app can most likely be false. Those scores, due to their insanely high numbers, could just be hacks, where people tinker with their games to edit their high score and make it well, higher.

Getting the high-score in Piano Tiles

As for the average player like you, you’re goal isn’t to beat those scores. No, sir. Not with advantage on their side. Your goal is simply to have fun playing the game and hopefully reach and overcome the more realistic score on the table.

The leader boards themselves don’t offer much bragging rights than competing with your friends. Set up a friendly game with friends once in a while to see who can get the best score. This way, you’ll know that your own leader board is definitely 100% accurate.

Plus, there’s more bragging rights here, as you can gloat on your friends for weeks on end as they try to beat your high score! Maybe you can force them to treat you to lunch if they fail to beat your score!

Anyway, what’s your highest score? Let us know in the comments below!

186 thoughts on “What’s your highscore?

      1. Lord denial

        Complete bull crap[unless this is a different piano tiles than I have]because the speed in arcade increases as you go along so you would at one point be clicking 300 times per second which befor you even got to that your fingers would have skin peeling off them i know from experience

        1. Kaks

          On arcade faster the speed becomes constant when you hit the 100 point mark. I’m not sure about the cap on arcade though

        2. Star

          The speed increases at a certain time per second until you get to about 200 and then it increases a lot slower after that.

      2. Michael Motzart

        You did this on a iphone try beating 2896 on a iPad which is 10 times more difficult I currently hold the worlds record on the ipad good luck

  1. Hailey

    My high score on relay is 1246, the 10 second mode tho haha:) no hack

    1. Jody

      538 on relay 8 seconds no hack or cheat my arms are shaking right now DXXX

      1. Michael Motzart

        Did you do this on a iPad if it was an iphone then no big deal nice try on beating my worlds record

      1. Jane v.

        I got 1297 on arcade. My high score before that was 1296. Haha

        1. MsMacadrian

          Not to brag or anything jasmine, but my brother is 8 and he got 6724. Oh wait, I was bragging. Age doesn’t matter, sweetheart. Are you sure you should be on the internet at your age?(:

        1. Michael Motzart

          On one pass with arcade mode no playong I hold the world record on a iPad not a simple iphone . Go back to school you are average. my score is 2896 one pass no playons and on a iPad try and beat that score get your mom to buy you an ipad and then see who is number one in the world. I am looking at the Guiness Worlds record for this game. So far in the world I am number one in 20,000,000 participants. I just liked your attempt at being a real MENSA candidate like me.

  2. castiel94

    178 in Zen Pro, 182 in Zen 30″, 94 in Zen 15″, 3.75 in Classic 25, 7.9 in Classic 50, 7.484 in Classic Pro, 520 in Arcade Mode Normal, 105 in Arcade Mode Faster, 516 in Arcade Mode Reverse, 5.843/s in Rush Mode Slower, 6.480/s in Rush Mode Faster, 6.397/s in Rush Mode Reverse, 97 in Relay 8″, 1604 in Relay 10″, 3798 in 12″

  3. Yo

    6.297″ CLASSIC PRO

    I’m not bullsh!ting you. I probably have the fastest score at my school. If you feel jealous just know that it took me a long time to get that score. Some tips: set the tile movement to the fastest (it takes some getting used to) and keep your thumbs very close to the screen (I got into this habit by training on arcade faster). Also, I have noticed that changing the tile color to the darker purple and playing one round of arcade faster every once in a while then playing classic pro helps me get faster times.

      1. Yo

        I’m laughing mine off because a while ago I got 5.824 on classic pro. Just in case you didn’t notice I’m “Yo” from above.

  4. Chris

    I should be #1 in the world at Rush – Reverse mode. I got 8.042 but my highscores got removed 🙁 took screenies though 🙂

    1. Michael Motzart

      You cheated and used playons to get your score what was your first pass score not accumulative

  5. Peter Zaeverik

    my score 1980 in faster mode in arcade mode and i m not even born……….

  6. Mackenzie

    124 on zen 50 seconds and 101 in arcade these are low but I only started yesterday

    1. Michael Motzart

      Try and beat me on a ipad I have the worlds record and I can prove it one pass no playons. Nice try on being great like me

    1. Michael Motzart

      You are out of your mind not believable I have seen the highest score on iPad one pass and it ain’t you loser.

  7. Rahul

    Classic – 25 = 2.784, normal = 5.868, pro = 5.917

    Zen – 15 – 121, normal – 237, pro – 236

    Arcade – faster, >1,100, normal = crap, reverse = 0

    Relay – 8, 1,100+, 10 – crap, 12 – 105

    Rush – reverse = crap, normal = ~8.4, slow = ~8.2

  8. Rahul

    Just got ~8.6 for normal rush mode and 5.817 for classic pro.

  9. Blake Johnston

    My scores worth noting:

    Classic Pro – 6.545
    Zen 15″ – 105
    Relay 8″ – 285

  10. Gigantor

    I thought I was good at this, my normal arcade high score is 1216, now, not so much.

  11. Joey

    Lol in my first try on rush “12” I literally got 502 I am impressed…..

  12. Pendragon

    My best categories:
    Arcade mode (Standard): 1272
    Zen (15″): 99
    Classic (25): 3.520″

    1. Michael Motzart

      You are a friggin lier not possible to get that score show me proof

  13. saurabh

    Mine is 2658 on arcade faster with no cheats…and 8.090 on rush normal..

  14. Robert

    Classic 25 : 3.859
    Classic 50 : 8.178
    Classic Pro : 7.271 B-)
    Arcade Normal : 682 .
    I worked only on Classic Pro , trying to beat the record . xD . I’m tired now ..

  15. thatguygonz

    classic 25 : 3.166
    classic 50 : 7.467
    classic pro : 7.067

    arcade normal : 2395
    arcade pro 1740 !

    zen 15 : 102
    zen 30 : 195
    zen pro : 202

    rush pro : 7.794/s

    on ipad

  16. Michael

    I hands down have the highest score in the world one time no errors 2862 with no playons tapped. I have plenty of witnesses that saw this done today. Please try and beat me on an IPAD no simple iphone where you use your thumbs. Let’s see who really can play piano tiles as fast as me in the world like a piano I have been told I have the fastest hands anyone has seen. I challenge any nationality to beat my score. There this should really start the completion. I will play any of you and beat any of you quite bad. Please challenge me. My friends call me Motzart.

  17. Michael Motzart

    Just got 3136 on Arcade to lengthen my lead in the world
    I’m number one I’m number one an I have pictures and I am in my senior years kids!!!

  18. VoidZee

    I got 10.473/s on Rush Mode Pro, this score is legit. I used two fingers by the way. Over 10 per second is much possible with a lot of practice.

  19. Szymon

    195 in zen pro, my grandmother was talking to me and i was clicking, and i don’t really feel like im playing then. When my grandma stop talking times run out and i look on my phone, and i take 195 xd

  20. Dylan

    Classic 25: 2.778
    Classic 50: 6.197
    Classic Pro: 5.461

    On GameCenter for classic pro it says that i am 12th all time, my username is shearzy8

  21. guy

    12.438/s on rush pro 10.352 on rush reverse and 16.013 on rush normal

  22. Derek Kwong

    9.024 per second in Rush!
    6.1 seconds in Classic!
    10042 in Arcade!
    1645 in Relay 8!
    226 in Zen!

    1. microsoftcrmguru

      How come your score is not showing up if you got 10042 I do not see your name what place are you on the all time list. I was 1940 out of 20,000,000. Now Derek you are ready for Arcade Faster. This will really test your skillset.

  23. Marcus Fox

    How about all you losers go outside and play a sport for once In your life???

  24. Gwenyth Large

    My highscore is 3,483 and I can prove it. I took a picture of the screen just as it showed me my score. I also have witnesses. So do not say I am lying please.

  25. microsoftcrmguru

    I just got 3958 on Arcade Faster – Michael Motzart There should be money and tournaments for this game extremely hard to play for a long time. My fingers are bleeding

  26. microsoftcrmguru

    Clownkilla got 5000 wow I got 8897 currently 1940 out of 20,000,000 I like the name though


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