Piano Tiles: The New Sensational Game App

If you liked those quick, no-brainer games on your iPhone or Android device, like Flappy Bird or 2048, then you’ll love Piano Tiles.

Piano Tiles, as it is named on the iStore, or “Don’t Tap The White Tile” on its Android counterpart, is definitely one of the most addictive games as of yet.

Want to download the piano tiles game?

Developed by geniuses from Japan, this game is another quick-ride cracker that will surely tickle your fancies. Go the the App Store for Apple devices or go get the game from Android!

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 PIANO TILES Is More Than Just Black And White 

don't tap the white tile (piano tiles)

The game is all about the chase. In its default “arcade” mode, you will be brought to a 4×4 screen with black and white rectangles. The object of the game is to tap the black tiles as the screen cascades upwards. Miss a black tile as it passes down the lower end of your screen, or tap a white tile by mistake, and your game is over.

There are other modes available for you to choose from, with different conditions and effects. There’s the classic mode, the Zen mode, the Rush mode and the Relay mode.

It’s much harder than it is on paper, that much is sure. Indeed, much like Flappy Bird before it, and all the other games that followed, the speed of the game is fast, and the chase for those uncanny black tiles will surely keep you hooked.

What This Newest Mobile Game Sensation is All About

What’s good about the game is its simple, easy, one-track approach, that appealed to many on-the-go gamers. It doesn’t require you to be good at picture analogies, or a spelling geek or a “Jeopardy!” genius champion. All you need is a good eye and a fast clicking reflex.

iphone-tips-tricks-piano-tilesAnd if the easiness of the game doesn’t get the game on your good side, the thrill of the chase certainly will. The way the screen descends on the bottom of your screen is actually quite fast, and you are literally going to chase those black tiles as they scurry along.

Without you knowing, you’ve already missed to click a tile, or you’ve already touched a white tile. So close! Then the urge to try again is so uncanny, you just have to do it again and yearn to beat your previous score!

With its very approachable style, Piano tiles will surely keep you for hours and hours on end!

29 thoughts on “Piano Tiles: The New Sensational Game App

  1. magaly jimenez castillo

    this is the best game I have ever played in my entire whole life

  2. Osef

    25: 3,917″
    50: 8,217″
    Pro: 8,167″

    Normal: 559
    Plus vite: 119
    Inverser: 197

    15″: 85
    30″: 161
    Pro: 164

    Plus lent: 5,598/s
    Normal: 6,529/s
    Inverser: 4,898/s

    8″: 48
    10″: 250
    12″: 807

    Arcade +
    Bombe: 417
    Foudre: 524
    Double: 142


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